We create systems that intergrate with architecture and incorporate sound reduction and aesthitic design to both commercial and residential liveable spaces.  We have a creative approach to problem solving by tailoring your exact requirements and specifications to achieve the best results possible. 

Our range of noise absorbing panels, which are easy to fit, easy to integrate into existing areas and are available in a wide variety of colours.  This is a range that move’s away from the traditional sound absorbing materials that are bulky and awkward to fit which can also disrupt the aesthetic of the room.

At Geaves we have been supplying specialist surfaces for retail, commercial and domestic interiors for over 30 years and pride ourselves in being experts in sourcing the right surface requirement for our customer’s need. 

Our dedicated team of experts will work with you from the initial concept stages right through to delivery, so you’ll receive the ultimate in specification, cost and delivery guidance.

If you require any more information or technical specifications please contact us