Our undrilled and drilled Duhospan acoustic range is available in melimine-faced panels with chipboard or MDF backing, as well as laminate sheets. This collection cleverly combines quality, durability, and style while providing an extensive selection of original finishes in stylish colours., and naturall wood grain effects. All of these can be made to your excat specifications. 

Duhospan is available in 45 plain colours, 31 wood grains, and a selection of meal effects, and metallic, all which have a choice of 7 surface textures, different sizes and a thicknesses. Plus a new range called soft-touch which is an anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistance matt surface.

A mixture of undrilled and drilled Duhospan acoustic panels are highly recommended for sports halls, gyms, and lecture halls.

See the range below of what we have to offer plus you can order a free-of-charge sample. 

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