Drilled Collection

Drilled Collection

The Drilled Collection is a collection of fireproof MDF panels that are micropierced the the visible face, this ensures the improvement of acoustic comfort thanks to the ability to absorb and dissapate the sound waves. 

The panels have a thickness of 16mm and the diameter of the micropierced hole is 0.5mm.  The visible face is coated with one of our three finishes; Wood, Laquer or Laminate.

This finish is then varnished with UV cycle to ensure greater scratch resistance and excellent aesthetic impact.  The reverse of the panel is coated with black felt, that helps to dissapte the sound waves. 

This collection is available as three products:

DR-24 - this board is drilled perpendicular to the thickness, and is micropierced on the front face. Giving the highest level of sound absorption. 

DR-09 - This board is undrilled, and contains slots directly underneath the micropierced face. This gives a medium level of sound absorption. 

DR-00 - This is a solid piece of fireproof MDF which is micropierced on it's visible face, this is designed for an aesthetic function, which will allow you to keep the design without the need for sound absorption. 

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