Heavy footfall in restaurants, bars, offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools and gyms create high levels of noise pollution and now most retailers are incorporating cafes and restaurants into their stores making sound reducution an even more important requirement in the final design.

Existing sound proofing materials on the market today can be awkward to fit and can disrupt the natural aesthetic of a room or building.  We wanted to solve this problem, so we developed a sound reducing interior surface that is functional, easy to install and also looks great!

The Acustica system consists of finely-machined interlocking modular boards and panels which have sound-absorbing interconnecting grooves and perforations to guarantee reduced noise pollution with an extensive and beautiful range of decor finishes to choose from.

It's easy installation is due to a range of specially designed accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of uses including the installation of hinged, swing, sliding and rotating doors, shelving, cupboards, free-standing partitions and ceilings with inset lighting and all can be finished with the same decor so as not to disrupt the aesthetics of the room.

Acustica is certified and guaranteed, and thanks to it's versitile design aesthetics it can be used to create spaces with great acoustics and a stunning visual impact.

For more information including more detailed specifications and fitting instructions contact us.