Sound absorbing boards and panels are the perfect way to reduce sound levels almost anywhere and because of their integrated system they will not disrupt the design area.  We also have a range of decorative panels to create cupboards and alcoves (which may not need sound absorption) so the composition of a space is also not compromised.

Due to their design flexibility they can be used in a number of spaces including:

Sound absorbing panels are ideal for schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theatres, offices, restaurants, bars, auditoriums, free standing partitions and false ceilings, swinging, sliding and rotating doors, design partitions, stage wings, interior walls, music studios, training areas, waiting rooms, home theatres and cinemas.

We also have a range of drilled boards, which are completely customisable and can easily fit into an existing design. The drilled holes can be placed anywhere you like with different distance and thickness. These boards can be paired with plain boards with no drills to help the continuty of the design within a space. 

For more information including more detailed specifications and fitting instructions contact us.